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What is Wimp.com?

Wimp.com is a family friendly video website. We are dissimilar to most video websites on the Internet as we avoid featuring videos that are either unsuitable for all ages, or are generally sensationalistic in nature. We are not a funny video website; rather, we feature all kinds of videos: funny, educational, inspirational, cute, science, news, pretty much anything we think that might add 'value' to your life in some shape or form. We are anti-sensationalistic; we feel that there are more than enough websites on the Internet to cater to that taste.

Thank you for stopping by. :)

Why didn't you use my video on your website?

Possible reasons:

  • Your video, in our opinion, is not suitable for all ages.
  • In our opinion, your video is sensationalistic.
  • We've received multiple submissions of the same video.
  • Your video has already been added and lurks somewhere in the archives.
  • We've overlooked your video.
  • We have deemed other videos (at this time) to be more favorable.
  • Your video may appear in the future.
Can I remove a video where the ownership belongs to me?

Absolutely. If you are a copyright holder of a video that's featured on Wimp.com, and you don't wish for it to remain on the site, simply follow the DMCA procedure outlined here. However, please note that due to limited man power, and the volume of requests that we receive on a variety of issues daily, we may not always provide a reply to your request. Rest assured your video will be expeditiously removed. Please check back later, and the URL of your video will either lead to the front page of Wimp.com (that's our 404 redirect), or the video page will indicate "Removed at owner's request".

In addition, we ask that you understand the following: Under Section 512(f) of the Copyright Act any person who knowingly materially misrepresents that material or activity is infringing may be subject to liability.

Some individuals are claiming that you don't remove videos when you receive takedown requests. What do you have to say about that?

By law, we must comply with all DMCA takedown requests. If we don't, we may be held liable for contributory or vicarious copyright infringement.

Why isn't there a section for user comments, social bookmarking and share buttons, color, graphics, a proper background etc. on the video pages?

We wanted to make Wimp.com stand apart from the crowd, otherwise we're just a part of the crowd, and taking up a corner of the Internet with a service that is redundant. In our opinion, a lot of current sites are filled with a variety of bells and whistles that most users don't ever really use or touch. It's gotten to the point where those features are just a blur to the user's eye, kind of like how we perceive ads to be. We thought, why not take the opposite approach and offer just the essentials?

In addition, a large portion of our user base consist of children and seniors. Many have indicated their strong desire in keeping things simple, brief, and to the point.